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Empower Ministry Foundation
P.O. Box 61677
Reno, NV 89506

Phone: 775-223-2562, call for fax number
Contact Information:
Bible Study Bookshop jolynn[at] 775.223.2562
Biblical Counseling drlee[at] and
Bread of Life Training Center drlee[at] 775.223.2554
Coming Events aprilturnage[at] 775.378.1811
CuppaJ Cafe drlee[at] 775.223.25546
Disciple Junction aprilturnage[at] 775.303.9116
Empowermenteam aprilturnage[at] 775.378.1811
Home Church TV lollypop5137[at] 320.760.2008
Ministry Partners jolynn[at] 775.223.2562
Newsletter aprilturnage[at] 775.378.1811
Not sure who to contact info[at] 775.473.6814
Fellowship Bible Study aprilturnage[at] 775.378.1811
Prayer Requests baver.hank[at] 775.720.9259
Streaming Audio/Video doreenhoff52[at]
Virtual Home Church jgugliotto[at] 775.223.2562


Bread of Life Training Center
Cuppa J Cafe
Virtual Home Church
Bible Study Bookshop
Empowerment Team
Home Church TV
Latest Updates
April 10, 2013
David and Krista Hooven have agreed to oversee our growing prayer and counseling ministry.
April 2, 2012
We have launched a unique, online student-paced school for laypeople who want to minister, pastor, or plant churches.
February 1, 2012
We have launched a new, more efficient main website plus a new website for each of our Empower Ministries.

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