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Welcome To Empower Ministries
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The Empower Ministry Foundation is a non-profit, interdenominational ministry. We equip, enable, and empower people to connect with the God of the Bible and stay connected––until they are ready to meet the King!

We embrace many ministries under the Empower umbrella––nine to be exact. Though each bears a distinctive burden, they all share the same dream: a closer personal walk with Christ––for you. Browse through the following ministries, and you will see. They may have different names, but they all are synonymous with one word: empowerment. We all want to supply what you need to live the fullest Christian life for yourself, Christ, and others.

The Great Commission:


To accomplish our share of the Great Commission:

  • We equip people to practice Christianity in their homes.
  • We enable families to share their Christianity as a Bible Study Fellowship capable of gaining the goodwill of others, so God can add them daily to the church.
  • We empower each Bible Study Fellowship to be a House Church of tomorrow when organized churches will regroup and finish God’s work entirely out of their homes.
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The weekend of October 27-29, CuppaJ Café patrons and a number of Virtual Home Church attenders will either converge on our home in Walla Walla, WA or join us online for The Person God Can Use––our 8th annual Empower Ministries Retreat. All the presentations will offer practical instruction, through hands-on sessions that equip people to discover who God made them to be and what He expects from them.

Annual Empower Retreat

1 Intercessory Prayer/Counseling
Angle picture-Intercessory Prayer and Counceling

We pray praises and requests without ceasing, every day at our morning devotions.

More Details about Int. Prayer/Counseling
2 Bible Study Bookshop

Bible Study Bookshop pictureWe make available all sorts of books, CD’s, and DVD’s for in-depth inductive Bible study and more.

More Details about Bible Study Bookshop

3 Home ChurchTV
Home Church TV Picture

Our 24/7 Internet TV station for those who want to be disciples and start their own Home Church.

More Details about Home Church TV
4 CuppaJ Café
CuppaJ Cafe picture

Verse-by-verse, Christ-centered devotions, brewed fresh daily from God’s Word.

More Details about CuppaJ Cafe
5 Fellowship Bible Study

Fellowship Bible StudyOnline Fellowhip Bible Studies that teach you how to study as you learn the meaning of the text.

More Details about Fellowship Bible Study

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6 Bread of Life Training Centers

Bread of Life Training CentersA unique Christian school for lay people who want end time skills to minister, pastor, or plant churches.

More Details about our School of Ministry

7 Virtual Home Church
Virtual Home Church picture

Weekly New Covenant online services that encourage New Testament people to interact directly with God.

More Details about Virtual Home Church
8 Disciple Junction
Disciple Junction picture

Where people who love the Lord––love to meet, share, and discuss their experiences with Christ.

More Details about Disciple Junction
9 EmpowermenTeam

We bring our ministry to you to equip, enable, and empower your church or group to grow.

More Details about EmpowermenTeam